Why pay by instalments?

At AdapTABLE, we believe that our standing desks and ergonomic chairs are built to last and serves as a long-term investment for our clients. Be it work or play, we know that they will be utilized day in and out, withstanding all forms of abuse for years to come: effectively saving unnecessary replacements for a very long time.

Albeit having a pricier tag compared to traditional desks and chairs, we blow off the competition by giving you the most value in ergonomic selections and savings (price guarantee even). Even then, the cost might still be fairly high for some of us. Hence, we have partnered with Atome to offer you the option of spreading out your purchase into an affordable and convenient 3 stage instalment plan at... 0% INTEREST! Yes you heard it right! NO INTEREST OR HIDDEN CHARGES AT ALL!!

How do I make payment by Atome instalment plan?

STEP 1. Download the Atome app on google Play or IOS app platform.
STEP 2. Register using your local Singapore phone number (8-digit mobile number).
STEP 3. Scan QR code: select the QR scanner on the top right corner and it will bring you to the registration page.
STEP 4. Register using MyInfo (Singpass) or input details manually.

Select registration by MyInfo (Singpass) - You will be redirected to the Singpass app; login and grant access to verify your details automatically.
Register manually - Manually key in the details required as per your Identity card followed by scanning your identity card in a well-lit environment (NRIC/ Valid pass with FIN & address).

STEP 5. Key in your card details to add a payment method for future check outs with Atome (All local credit/debit cards can be used – Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, JCB, Union Pay & Diners club).
STEP 6. Once you have successfully registered an account on Atome, you are set to purchase AdapTABLE products using a Buy Now Pay Later Scheme!
STEP 7. Configure your ideal AdapTABLE desk, chair and home living solutions.
STEP 8. Proceed to checkout.
STEP 9. Select Atome as your payment method.
STEP 10. Follow the instructions to log into Atome and make the first instalment payment.
STEP 11. Order will be confirmed after the first instalment payment is done.
STEP 12. Your AdapTABLE products will be processed and delivered ASAP!
STEP 13. Remember to ensure timely payment of the 2 remaining instalments spaced 30 days apart!

For details, terms & conditions, head on to Atome's website or APP to find out more.